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At Dynamic Commercial Collections we pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality and most efficient skip tracing services, including asset locating and public record searching services in the legal and collection community. We’ll consult with you to define the process of recovery.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating a missing person when they are particularly hard to find. The “skip” in skip tracing refers to someone intentionally skipping town or purposefully disappearing.

This is particularly prevalent for individuals who are skipping out on large debts or are a repeat offender, in particular, if they are actively avoiding being found in relation to their debt. 

How Does Skip Tracing Help?

Our skip tracers work to locate hard to find individuals and this can be done using a wide range of skip tracing techniques; helping you regain money that may otherwise have disappeared into the wind.

We work with you to establish who you are looking for and the debt that they may owe and establish if they are purposefully avoiding their debt. We also work with you to determine what will happen once the individual is located. 

As a debt collection agency with direct access to hundreds of databases nationwide, we can locate anyone you are looking for at a reasonable rate and unlike many debt collection agencies we work within your budget. Our fully comprehensive asset searches contain all available information on any debtor or defendant, positive or negative.

DCC’s public record searching capabilities are so vast we can find bankruptcy records, property records, title searches, and corporate filings — just to name a few features. Depending on the individual you are attempting to find, you may need a different level of skip tracing Brisbane wide:

Package Level

What is Included



Searches of social media and professional groups (i.e. LinkedIN)


Searches of social media and specific skip trace software searches


Includes Bronze and Silver packages plus third party searches which can incur additional fees


(recommended for hard to find debtors)

Instructions forwarded to a private investigator. 

$850.00 + GST if located ($300.00 + GST if unable to locate).


Enquire About Our Skip Tracing Services Today

We strive the most comprehensive and professional skip tracing services available. If you're not sure how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly skip tracing debt collection team to discuss our skip tracing Brisbane wide services.

What Happens Once We Find Them?

Once the individual is found, the next step is to take the data that has been found and compile it to create a profile of the individual. This can include information such as their residential address, contact details and regular haunts. At Dynamic Commercial Collections we aim to keep you informed of our progress every step of the way and always work within the regulations that govern skip tracing in Australia.

The final step is for our skip tracers to either reach out to the individual or go to them directly via our field services to inform them of their outstanding debt. We have the responsibility, not only to act responsibly, but also to protect your reputation and we work to make sure we are walking you through every step of this journey.

It is also important that individuals are alerted that failure to pay may harm their credit ratings. Many individuals may not be actively attempting to avoid debt but may simply have changed their address or any number of other factors. Our skip tracing team works to provide you with the best possible outcome.

If you are unsure how to go about finding someone who has skipped town or simply disappeared, contact the skip tracers at Dynamic Commercial Collections to find the individual.

Testimonials from Our Skip Tracing Clients


We were having ongoing issues with an unpaid commission from a Developer.

As a small business, carrying any size debt is difficult and frustrating and after several empty promises from them over an 8 month period it became very obvious to us that we needed professional assistance to get paid the money that was owing to us.

Debbie and the team took control of it, gave us complete confidence in their knowledge and skills and within 14 days they delivered the fantastic news that the matter was at an end.

We highly recommend this company, not only did they take the stress of the unpaid debt off our hands, they delivered us a result in no time at all.

Thanks Deb - 5 stars plus!

Amazing Apartments


Dynamic Commercial Collections were recommended to me by another business to assist in recovering funds from an outstanding debtor.

Debbie and the skip tracing services team at Dynamic Commercial Collections immediately understood my predicament and offered numerous options to assist in recovering the outstanding debt.

Dynamic Commercial Collections were very professional and informative during the whole process and most importantly they recovered the funds.

I highly recommend Dynamic Commercial Collections to any business with outstanding debtors. I thank them for their assistance and would not hesitate to use their professional skip trace services again.

Michael Hansen


We can't recommend Debbie and Dynamic Commercial Collections highly enough. Our small business had an incredibly complex and difficult matter spanning just over a 12 month period with legal action and bankruptcy proceedings.

It was clear that Debbie had a good understanding of the law and provided comprehensive guidance on our range of options at every step of the way; her communication with us was exceptional. It was also evident that she had a great working relationship with both the solicitor and commercial agents engaged on our behalf which made each process as seamless as possible.

Debbie's commitment to our matter and the strategies she enacted resulted in us being paid in full for the outstanding debt, including all legal and debt collection costs. We couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Debbie, Dynamic Commercial Collections and the amazing outcome that was achieved.

Danielle Bradbery

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