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Receivables Outsourcing

Contacting clients to chase outstanding accounts is time consuming and stressful for any business owner. Companies with no dedicated debt collection team often find they’re constantly fighting an uphill battle to stop debts before they begin. If this resonates with you, it may be time to consider outsourcing your accounts receivable debts to our experienced consulting team.

Our receivables outsourcing service provides:

A cost-effective approach

A dedicated debt collection team for as long as you need them

Experienced consultants who can train your existing staff on Harassment, the Privacy Act and the Debt Collection Rules and Regulations

At Dynamic Commercial Collections, we provide a customised, customer service focused approach to contacting your customers to remind them of their obligation to pay their accounts. This process will be done under your business’ name and can take place from your office or ours.

Reduce Cost

Improve operational performance

Increase cash flow

Minimise customer service calls 

Maintain a positive relationship with their client base

Our office provides a detailed report at the end of each day for your records and our services can be provided in Queensland and Western Australia.

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We strive the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available. If you're not sure how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss.

Training and Mentoring Services

Our expert team of consultants are always abreast of changes in the collection and litigation industry. Our vast experience working with a broad range of companies and solicitors has given us the expertise to help businesses improve their credit and accounts operations.
Our experts provide training necessary to get new and existing staff up to speed and can teach the newest techniques in the industry.

Below is a sample of the subjects for which we provide training. Training is tailored to fit the needs of the audience:

Collections 101 - Rules and Regulations and basic collection

Negotiating Solutions

Overcoming common payment obstacles 

Creating a debt collection process and timeframes to collect your outstanding account quicker 

Why litigating accounts isn't always the best idea

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