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Dynamic Commercial Collections employs professional and effective debt collection techniques and strategies, our debt collectors are unmatched for successfully recouping outstanding balances.

When is Commercial Debt Collection Needed?

At Dynamic Commercial Collections, we understand the burden that unpaid debts can have on your day-to-day operations. There are a lot of situations when your company may need to work with a debt collection agency. If debtors:

Do Not Pay Their Debt

Are Delinquent by more than 31 days

Move or relocate without notice

Do not return any calls or messages

Become confrontational when discussing a debt

Have unsupported complaints about your product or service

If your debtor is doing one of the above then it can be a time consuming process to attempt to reclaim your debt. You may be facing the following issues when trying to reclaim your debt:

Do not have available work hours to contact delinquent debtors

Find yourself uncomfortable when discussing a debt

Not enough staff or resource levels to work slow-paying or non-paying accounts

Our Experienced Team can help you with every aspect of the debt collection process

At Dynamic Commercial Collections, we handle your debt collection issues with the utmost urgency with professionalism and efficiency  and we use proven methods to maintain your customer relationships and provide excellent results. Our collectors will negotiate and overcome your debtors objections, remove frivolous disputes, and seek admission of the debt before finally securing a payment. Then we’ll have the collected funds cleared and remitted to you within seven days.

We won’t recommend legal action unless your case has been reviewed thoroughly by our support officer and they’ve conducted all collection efforts. We provide weekly reports, nationwide coverage, and prompt remittance of funds. Dynamic Commercial Collections always operate within their strict code of practice and retain the urgency and persistence needed to collect your accounts.

Our mission and our focus is collecting overdue accounts, debt collection agencies no longer just collect the money due. We now have a responsibility to act responsibly and professionally so that we protect your reputation, ensure returning customers respect your credit terms, and alert people that failure to pay may harm their credit rating. Being a commercial debt collection agency, we know the impact every collection campaign can have on the success of a company or organisation.

Debt Amount

Commission Fee


18% + GST

$20,001 to $50,000

15% + GST

$50,001 to $80,000

13% + GST

$80,001 to $100,000

10% + GST

Over $100,000

8% + GST

*Debts over 2 years old

Above commission fees + 2% + GST

*For bulk debt ledgers, please contact our office to discuss

**Please note that the above commission rates are not applicable for BARTERCARD clients and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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We strive the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available. If you're not sure how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss.

How Does Debt Collection Help?

A lot of the time, when businesses turn to debt collection they have been chasing up a debt for weeks or even months. DCC can help you to recover money that you may have otherwise written-off due to the time and energy involved in retrieving the money. It may even have seemed impossible as your debtor disappeared. We work to reduce your business operating costs that may accumulate and allow you to focus on your business rather than chasing down debtors.

Testimonials from Our Clients


We were having ongoing issues with an unpaid commission from a Developer.

As a small business, carrying any size debt is difficult and frustrating and after several empty promises from them over an 8 month period it became very obvious to us that we needed professional assistance to get paid the money that was owing to us.

Debbie and the team took control of it, gave us complete confidence in their knowledge and skills and within 14 days they delivered the fantastic news that the matter was at an end.

We highly recommend this company, not only did they take the stress of the unpaid debt off our hands, they delivered us a result in no time at all.

Thanks Deb - 5 stars plus!

Amazing Apartments


Dynamic Commercial Collections were recommended to me by another business to assist in recovering funds from an outstanding debtor.

Debbie and the team at Dynamic Commercial Collections immediately understood my predicament and offered numerous options to assist in recovering the outstanding debt.

Dynamic Commercial Collections were very professional and informative during the whole process and most importantly they recovered the funds.

I highly recommend Dynamic Commercial Collections to any business with outstanding debtors. I thank them for their assistance and would not hesitate to use their professional services again.

Michael Hansen


We can't recommend Debbie and Dynamic Commercial Collections highly enough. Our small business had an incredibly complex and difficult matter spanning just over a 12 month period with legal action and bankruptcy proceedings.

It was clear that Debbie had a good understanding of the law and provided comprehensive guidance on our range of options at every step of the way; her communication with us was exceptional. It was also evident that she had a great working relationship with both the solicitor and commercial agents engaged on our behalf which made each process as seamless as possible.

Debbie's commitment to our matter and the strategies she enacted resulted in us being paid in full for the outstanding debt, including all legal and debt collection costs. We couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Debbie, Dynamic Commercial Collections and the amazing outcome that was achieved.

Danielle Bradbery

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