Field Services

In a situation where debtors are unresponsive to written reminders or phone calls requesting payment, a debt collection field services officer may be required to communicate with the debtor at their address.

How does a professional field service debt collector work?

When you think debt collectors, you think huge men in intimidating attire, like biker jackets who win back the debt just with their mere appearance. Thankfully, that’s not really how it works. Field services work through the following steps:


The first thing we will do is consult with you to define the process of recovery. This includes the path you want us to take regarding contacting your client and also the escalation process if the debtor is unresponsive to initial paths.


If your debtor is not returning calls or enquiries, we will work with you to find other avenues to reach out to your client. This will include investigating where the debtor may work or their new point of residence if they have moved without a forwarding address.

Field Call

The next step is a face-to-face visit, also known as a field call. These calls include making personal contact with your customer on your behalf. This is a good first step to gauge how your customers are approaching their debt. This can also include visiting your debtors place of residence or workplace to attempt to settle the matter or to organise an instalment arrangement on your behalf.

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We have over a decade of industry experience in Debt Collection, skip tracing, commercial collections and more.


Our collectors will negotiate and overcome any of your debtors objections in order to remove any unnecessary disputes and ensure the debt has been paid as soon as possible.

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We can help when you don't have enough staff or resource levels to work slow-paying or non-paying accounts.


We use proven methods to maintain your customer relationships while still reclaiming your debt.

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At Dynamic Commercial Collections we aim to keep you informed of our progress every step of the way and always work within the regulations that govern debt collection in Australia.

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At Dynamic Commercial Collections, we work to reduce your business operating costs that may accumulate and allow you to focus on your business rather than chasing down debtors.

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