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We never rest on past accomplishments.


Commercial Debt Collection

Dynamic Commercial Collections employs professional and effective debt collection techniques and strategies, our debt collectors are unmatched for successfully recouping outstanding balances.

Field Services

In a situation where debtors are unresponsive to written reminders or phone calls requesting payment, a debt collection field services officer may be required to communicate with the debtor at their address.

Skip Tracing Services

At Dynamic Commercial Collections we pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality and most efficient skip tracing services, including asset locating and public record searching services in the legal and collection community. 

Legal Support

Our inhouse legal support team has a wide range of experience in legal processes throughout Australia. We’ve put together a step by step of the debt collection legal process to assist with any uncertainties you have during the process.

Consultancy Services

Contacting clients to chase outstanding accounts is time consuming and stressful for any business owner. Companies with no dedicated debt collection team often find they’re constantly fighting an uphill battle to stop debts before they begin.

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Established in early 2018, we’re dedicated, honest professionals who work to personalise our services. We have detailed knowledge and extensive experience in Australia’s legal processes. We are proudly members of IMA and Bartercard.


Successful Collection Rate

We’re unmatched in successfully recouping outstanding debts.


Maximum Commission Rate

No upfront or annual fees. No commission on credit notes or returned goods

Across Every Industry

We strive to provide the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available

Professional Services

Don’t continue wasting your time fighting to recover debts or preventing them before they’ve started. Outsource! Our consultancy team can handle it for you.

Goods Sold & Delivered

It’s hard to run any business with outstanding balances or consistent debtors, let alone a retail business. The recovery can be tricky, but DCC can help.


Debt is bound to come around in the finance sector but why chase lost money when you can handle existing cash? We’ll handle the ‘lost’ part.


Busy professionals in the healthcare industry or elsewhere, don’t have the time to chase debtors. Let our debt collectors do it for you.


Working in a Trade you’ll often see debtors disappear suddenly. We offer extensive skip tracing services.


Accountants are well-versed in accounting but overdue accounts shouldn’t become another task for you. Look into our Consultancy Services.

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